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Focus Group Moderation & Facilitation

Our team conducts focus groups online and in person. If your company needs webcam focus groups or in person research, our team can assist any industry with getting the answers they need. We have conducted focus groups for beauty, pharmaceutical, advertising, politics, tobacco, alcohol, and a variety of other industries.

In Depth Interviews (IDI) and Telephone Interviews (TDI)

When you need to speak with consumers in a 1:1 interview, our team can help you get the insights you need. We do IDIs or one-on-one interviews both online, over the phone, and in person. Webcam IDIs are one of our most popular requests. For a more ethnographic approach, we also conduct in-home interviews.


Our team of social scientists conducts ethnography in a variety of contexts. In home, in store, at events: any place where the context is as important as what participants verbally report. We have strong anthropological and sociological backgrounds that are needed for this kind of research.

Online Communities or Insights Communities

We design, set up, and moderate insights communities that run for any length of time--from a week to a year. Our team has run insights communities for a variety of industries, including automotive, beauty, food/beverage, and nightlife.

Creative Testing

We do creative testing for a variety of industries. If your organization wants to do consumer testing on new advertising, creative campaigns, or new product concepts, we can test these for you in focus groups, IDIs, or insights communities. Consumer testing is a very common request across industries.

Online Discussion Boards

When your organization wants to have an ongoing discussion over a set amount of days, online dicussion boards are an ideal method. These can run from several days to two weeks and give consumers a chance to answer questions at their leisure in an asynchronous way. Online discussion boards are ideal for home use testing, diaries, and creative/concept testing.

professional + diverse

We are a team of professional market researchers who hail from diverse academic and business backgrounds.

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Our team includes academically trained anthropologists, healthcare specialists, and technologists. We can tackle any research topic, from pharmaceutical to non-profit, consumer goods and business to business services.