Jenny Karubian

Jenny Karubian, CEO & Founder

Thanks for visiting Ready to Launch Research. If you are looking to engage potential customers, core constituents, or your consumers, Ready to Launch is here to help you get the answers you need.

Based in Los Angeles, I started this company in 2014 as Lotus Research, LLC. As our organization grew, we decided it was best to rebrand the company under a name that better fit our team and vision. As of 2018, the name has officially changed to Ready to Launch Research.

Our Mission is to help new and existing organizations launch new ideas, products, and technologies to better serve their customers. Using our unique blend of social science training, research technology innovation, and business acumen, we aim to answer critical questions organizations have at all stages of their development. Whether our clients are from Fortune 100 organizations, non-profit organizations, or startups, Ready to Launch Research is here to assist.

professional + diverse

We are a team of professional market researchers who hail from diverse academic and business backgrounds.

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Our team includes academically trained anthropologists and sociologists, healthcare specialists, and technologists. We can tackle any research topic, from pharmaceutical to non-profit, consumer goods and business to business services.