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Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply. – Stephen Covey

The art of listening, a cornerstone of qualitative research, takes patience, focus and empathy. To help you understand the absolute power of focused listening, take a look at Jason....


At Ready to Launch Research we travel. A lot. Fieldwork, conferences, client meetings, they keep us on the road. This week, our team is in Germany for the Research and Results conference in Munich. The local landscape in Germany has us thinking about the value of market research in an increasingly...


Working with your client to prep for a focus group is even more important when dealing with cross-cultural issues and time constraints.

I got the call that morning. My team and I had to do a focus group that same night. A quick turnaround was one thing; been there, done that.

However, this was...


Like a muscle, your ability to connect with your study subjects on a core human level will grow – but only with regular practice.

I fight back tears with everything I have as I sit at a kitchen table with a young woman in the Midwest. We recruited her for a cancer patient–caretaker study, but by t...


In-home ethnographies ensure that your study subject can name every cosmetic brand she uses. Here’s how they can be done without leaving your office.

When researchers ask women to name the cosmetics they use, most can name only their favorite brands. Although they have strong brand loyalty, time a...