Quantitative sensory testing administered in person; typically reserved for taste and concept testing. (100 strangers tell us how your product tastes)

Standard evaluation of a package, product, service, or advertisement. Market research on product design, features, overall appeal and functionality. (Want to know what people think about your product? This is the thing for you)

Used by employers to measure and evaluate employee values and job fulfillment; yields actionable results to increase productivity, improve communication; also ideal for increasing efficiency, refining internal and external processes. (Teaching businesses to play well together)

Objective evaluation of partner companies and contractors with a focus on improving processes and refining working relationships; ideal for working relationships between independent entities (The business version of teaching everyone to play nice)

Online tool used to capture asynchronous conversation (Research on respondents' time. A forum that discusses only your product)

This is the research outline for interviews and focus groups (Roadmap for moderators)

In person, context specific research with a focus on empathy, nonverbal and cultural cues. (Guess who's coming to dinner)

Experts guide your team through the creative process post-research to make results actionable among your organization (Data=Decisions)

A group discussion facilitated by a professional moderator that deals with one central topic for 1-3 hours. This can be conducted online or at a focus group facility. (Ever pick 10 brains at the same time? This is the place for you)Ask us how to do a focus group with 1000+ people

A study conducted in more than one country at the same time; uses local experts around the world and leverages cultural understanding to understand native perceptions relevant to each country. (Pack your bags)

Hands on concept evaluation that takes places in people's homes; materials are shipped individually or picked up from a central location. This is ideal for cosmetics and other sensory products. (Research from the comfort of home)

Experts guide your team through the ideas process post-research; ideal for product refinement and building your innovation pipeline. (Take cover it's a brainstorm!)

In depth interview: this is a 1 on 1 interview that typically lasts 30-60 minutes. It can be conducted online, in person or on the phone. (šŸŽµGetting to know you, getting to know all about you...)

See ethnography

Also known as a shop along, researchers accompany consumers in the "native environment" of a retail store. This is ideal for learning how your consumers make decisions at the shelf. This is also ideal for point of purchase evaluation. (Grab a cart and tag along)

A research approach that blends qualitative and quantitative to determine long term plans for bringing new products to market. (Dream it, make it, improve it, sell it, track it)

Curriculum that ensures that researchers are focusing on business ethics and standards, methodological approaches, and best practices for interacting with consumers. (Insert training montage here)

Similar in every way to focus group with fewer people; ideal for interviewing groups of friends and for sensitive topics; see focus group (fewer brains picked, same quality insights)

Consumers capture shopping insights from a mobile app that is downloaded to their personal device; ideal for conducting research in retail environments, and for online studies with pictures and videos (take a selfie at the shelf (ie?))

In person data capture; typically with a mobile survey, most often conducted in or outside of a retail environment (Be where your customers are)

A method in which respondents log in to a forum discussion and share their thoughts over a set period of time. Most run for 3-5 days and include 30-50 people. (Think discussion forum for your product)

An online community is a hybrid of insights and social media. Communities tend to center around one brand and have a longer duration than other types of studies. (It's like Facebook for research)

Online diaries track consumption or habits over a set period of time; such as recording all meals for a week or all media consumed in a day. (Dear diary, I'm a consumer)

See on site; ideal for testing new displays, changes to the retail environment, and traffic flow. (Traffic-it's kind of a big deal)

Pre-work is any assignment given to respondents in preparation for research. This is typically done digitally, or in diary form. (Don't go to class without your homework)

Coporate solution that breaks down a department process, allowing for refinement and innovation; increases production, communication and efficiency. (An outside ear hears everything)

Gathering any kind of human insight that is not based on numeric data. (Think quality over quantity)

Insights based on numeric data; statistics and tracking.

The demographic composition of a study and the number of participants. (the who of research)

A questionnaire that is intended to qualify partipants for a study based on certain conditions. (The script for signing up people)

This is the detailed summary of the methodology and goals of a research project. (How the project will be done)

Sensory evaluation for consumer food and beverage products. (Ask us how we can do this in home)

Text data of interviews; delivered after research is conducted to have records of learnings. (Think of court reporters, without the legalese)

This is at the heart of all consumer research; gives the consumer a platform to make their preferences known. (Why we do what we do).

Individual and focus group interviews conducted via webcam. Leverages online platforms that have features customized for research. (Think Skype for research)

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