How does market research help a business?

With an expert team of social scientists, our market research solutions at Ready to Launch Research help bridge the gap between the target consumer and your business to provide you with strong actionable insights and facilitate better consumer-centric business decisions.

Backed by anthropological findings, our curated services at Ready to Launch include Focus Group moderation, In-depth Interviews (IDI), Telephone Depth Interviews (TDI), Ethnography research, Insights Community Testing, Creative Testing, Online Discussion / Bulletin Boards, Surveys, Shop Along and Home Use Test Market Research. Our services provide a multitude of qualitative and quantitative insight into consumer behavior, spending and satisfaction. We let you know exactly what your consumer wants and exactly how to get their attention by delivering just the right message!

Focus group moderation & facilitation


Through Focus Group market research, a controlled interview of a small group of target consumers moderated by one of our skilled Focus Group facilitators, we help your business understand consumer sentiments from a sociological perspective. Our team at Ready to Launch facilitates Focus Groups in-person and online through Online Focus Group research practices.

Having conducted Focus Groups for consumer goods, beauty, pharmaceutical, advertising, politics, alcohol and a variety of other industries, our Focus Group moderation expertise have provided businesses with insightful market research solutions to drive more thoughtful design processes.

In-depth interviews (idi) and telephone interviews (tdi)


A great way of gathering detailed information and deep insights whilst building a rapport with your existing and potential customers, is to conduct In-depth Interviews (IDI).

Our incisive research techniques aid our expert team of anthropologists in conducting one-on-one In-depth Interviews in-person, over the phone through TDI market research techniques and online in an age where webcam IDI are in popular demand.

Our In-depth Interview research methodology whether conducted in-person or through telephone interviews, provides a powerful mechanism to gain actionable insights into your business’ consumer base.

The advantages of In-depth Interviews in research allow our expert social scientists to push the boundaries in market research analysis by employing social listening skills, with an open-minded, flexible and responsive approach. For a more Ethnography research based approach, we also conduct in-home IDIs.

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Ethnography is the study of people in their own environment which allows our team of social scientists to get up-close and personal by listening to and observing research participants in their natural habitats at home, in-store or at events. As an experienced ethnography market research company and as a team with a strong anthropological and sociological background, we have developed a cohesive body of Ethnography research modalities to help your business thrive when designing products and services ideal to your consumer demographic.

The advantages of ethnographic research lie in the conclusions derivable from observations of the consumer’s use of your business’ products or services in their natural setting allowing the most organic insights into consumer behavior. The value of ethnographic research is unparalleled as it also allows your business to assess gaps in the market to provide a concrete basis for future product development.

Online communities or insights communities


What is Online Communities research? A powerhouse in market research analysis, Online Communities are groups of people with a mutual interest who interact online to share their opinions, offering market researchers a wealth of insight into their culture, conversations, likes and aversions. Our research experts at Ready to Launch discover viable online communities for every industry from the video game industry to the pet industry and ensure the formation of the most relevant consumer insights.

What are the benefits of Online Communities? We customize, set-up and moderate Market Research Online Communities (MROC) that tap into your target audience which results in quick relevant and actionable data. These could be set-up to run for any length of time, from a week to a year with community monitoring. Our team has run Online Communities research for a variety of industries to provide automotive, food and beverage, nightlife and beauty industry market analysis.

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We identify the pulse of your target consumers by using Creative Testing solutions as a litmus test of your new advertising or creative campaign strategy or the launch of your new product concept. Having conducted Creative Testing with expansive reach for a variety of industries we are able to determine real insights through Focus Groups, IDI or Insight Communities.

Online discussion boards


Creating an ongoing discussion with appropriate participants for a set amount of days for up to two weeks, Online Discussions or Bulletin Boards overcome the constraints of time zone limitations and allows for greater geographical reach. Allowing participants to answer set questions at their leisure in an asynchronous manner, helps gather more in-depth and rich insights. This is ideal for Home Use Testing, Diary Studies and Creative Testing.

There’s no need to fret about questions like ‘How do you start an online discussion?’ when you entrust your business’ Bulletin Board market research to our team of social scientists at Ready to Launch. We’ve created a streamlined workflow for the initiation of online discussions, the development of Bulletin Boards and we also meticulously monitor consumer interactions on online platforms as they post comments, answer questions, retrieve and send files relating to your business’ product or service.

Online discussion boards


From a simple survey questionnaire to a detailed study, our team of experts will identify the precise quota sample, build and process raw data with a top-line analysis of information gathered. Surveys for market research is one method whereby you can derive reliable statistical answers to make your business decisions with confidence.

Our team of highly skilled researchers will develop tailored surveys and, with an understanding of the consumer psyche, will analyze each data set to provide you with insight into competitor market trends, price point analysis and customer outlooks. This market research solution is ideal for any industry whether to facilitate healthcare market research or research for the consumer electronics industry as it is a time efficient and concise method of acquiring and analyzing large amounts of data.

Online discussion boards


What Is Shop Along research? Shop Along market research is like having front row seats to a consumer’s purchasing experience as it allows for collecting in-the-moment data with real-time responses at the point of sale. Shop Along market research allows us to observe and conduct interviews with target consumers to gauge their perception towards your products or services as well as competitor alternatives within the shopping environment.

Online discussion boards


Home Use Test market research, sometimes referred to as In-home Use Test, Home-Usage Test or In-Home User Test, is best conducted when clients need to gain practical feedback on their products in a real-life environment over a period of time. Our team uses Surveys, Online Discussions / Bulletin Boards and conducts one-on-one interviews regarding the use of products to gain deeper insights into customer feedback.

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