Inustries Served

We offer research solutions for clients across industries. Review some of our research solutions by industry below.

Beauty eyes


The cosmetic industry is ever-evolving with fast changing trends taking over the markets. Drastic and continuous changes take place in the market as the top brands keep fighting for market share.

Recommended methods:
In-home product use test with online diary
Shop-along with eye tracking
Friendship pairs and mini groups with users

Man with stethoscope

Healthcare / pharmaceutical

This growing market offers new opportunities and risks on a daily basis. Leading healthcare and pharmaceutical industry giants are rapidly identifying the need for pharmaceutical market research to embark on new avenues.

Recommended methods:
Adherence studies
Concept benefit refinement
Market resource analysis with a focus on communication

Tobacco pantation

Alcohol, Tobacco and Cannabis

This highly lucrative, competitive and volatile industry with all its constraints and opportunities have many unexplored paths still left to capitalize upon.

Recommended methods:
Context specific gatekeeper studies
Point of sale analysis
New product launches

Food and beverages

Food and Beverage

Identify potential growth opportunities in this complex market where the constant change in consumer behaviours rules the marketplace. Stay on top of nutritional trends and fill your innovation pipeline with products that suit evolving tastes.

Recommended methods:
Focus groups
Consumer usage and retail habits
At home online taste tests with online diary


Travel and Tourism

With capital spent towards travel and tourism falling under the category of miscellaneous spending, it has become imperative to monitor the complex global market to seize upon strategic and tactical opportunities.

Recommended methods:
Online communities (MROC)
Travel influencer studies
Travel diaries

Kids standing

Non-profit / NGO

The scarcely resourced industry of Non-profits and NGOs survive on the understanding of the perceptions, motivators and attitudes of their audience, in order to understand these, one must simply ASK!

Recommended methods:
Focus groups
Online communities
Donor research



An industry with an exponential growth spurt where everyone is looking to invest! Get your insights of the pet industry market where the various sectors of the industry makes it a dominating marketplace in the world.

Recommended methods:
Concept testing
Online home use tests
Online communities with pet owners
Pet store walk-alongs with pets

Man with virtual reality headset

Consumer Electronics / Video Games

The consumer electronics and gaming industry runs on consumers’ desire for more innovative and technologically advanced outcomes. The ever evolving fast-paced industry requires constant feedback to keep ahead of your competition.

Recommended methods:
Copy and design testing for packaging
Game trailer evaluation
Dial tracing

Mac and iphone

Additional Industries Served

The above industries are a few of the areas with a growing demand. We have a multifaceted experience with a few of the other industries such as political and polling; consumer packaged goods; clothing, apparel and jewelry; telecom and internet; start-ups; auto/auto parts; recreation; e-commerce; educational institutions; nightlife, movies, TV and entertainment and Mommy and baby.

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