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We offer market research solutions for clients across industries. Review some of our research solutions by industry below.

Beauty eyes


The current beauty industry market analysis highlights that the global beauty industry is estimated to reach a valuation of over $716 billion by 2025. As the cosmetic industry is an ever-evolving phenomenon with drastic and continuous changes taking place, top beauty brands of the day need to employ imaginative and insightful marketing strategies based predominantly on makeup industry analysis and cosmetic market analysis in order to gain traction over competitors as they battle it out for a share in the growing market.

Our team at Ready to Launch Research understands the complexities of conducting market research for beauty products. We comb through cosmetic consumer behavior research to discover the changing consumer and competitor trends through our meticulous cosmetic market research modalities.

Recommended methods:
In-home product use test with online diary
Shop Along with eye tracking
Friendship pairs and mini groups with users
Focus groups

Man with stethoscope


This growing market offers new opportunities and risks on a daily basis. Leading pharmaceutical and healthcare industry giants are rapidly identifying the need for pharmaceutical and healthcare market research to embark on new avenues.

Our team is well versed in conducting healthcare qualitative market research essential for healthcare professionals and institutions to understand how to provide their services in a more efficient way, primed for patient satisfaction. Developing healthcare market research based strategies would help your organization generate higher new patient acquisition and patient retention rates.

We have conducted extensive pharmaceutical market research to provide pharmaceutical companies with a wealth of insight into their diverse customer base which includes patients, nurses, physicians, social workers, payers, and hospital executives. We facilitate market research for pharmaceutical companies based on a cohesive methodology. Our research on healthcare and pharmaceutical products also probes the overall situation of a country to identify the nation’s pulse and the ideal environment within which to market a healthcare and pharmaceutical product.

Recommended methods:
Adherence studies
Concept benefit refinement
Market resource analysis with a focus on communication

Tobacco pantation


Market research indicates that this highly lucrative, competitive and volatile industry with all its constraints and opportunities have many unexplored paths still left to capitalize upon. Businesses in the cannabis, alcohol industry and tobacco industry have to be highly attuned to changing consumer tastes, competitor strategies and shifting trends in order to stake their claim in the market.

Our adept team of social scientists will assess the alcohol market segmentation by alcohol type and demographics to identify in demand products, ideal marketing strategies to communicate and captivate the target audience, pricing strategies and product development, among a host of other market research services.

With the legal cannabis industry expanding throughout the United States, we can leverage market research to help with brand positioning among your customer base. Through our market research expertise, we provide businesses in the cannabis and tobacco industries help in developing tactful marketing strategies.

Recommended methods:
Context specific gatekeeper studies
Point of sale analysis
New product launches

Food and beverages


With the global food and beverage industry growth reaching a valuation of US $281.14 billion in 2021 our team identifies potential growth opportunities in this complex industry where the constant change in consumer behavior rules the marketplace. Stay on top of nutritional trends and fill your innovation pipeline with products that suit evolving tastes. Understanding the nuances of food and beverage industry growth could propel your establishment to the realms of marketable success as your business decisions would be informed by data relating to beverage industry growth statistics and research about the food service industry.

Whether it’s market research on the fast food industry, the global beverage market or that of gourmet fine dining, our researchers at Ready to Launch will go into intricate detail to provide your business with a cohesive body of qualitative research including data on customer preferences in flavors and ingredients, new products and customer feedback on dining experiences which relate to the anticipated growth of the food and beverage industry.

Recommended methods:
Focus groups
Consumer usage and retail habits
At home online taste tests with online diary



With capital spent towards travel and tourism falling under the category of miscellaneous spending, it has become imperative to monitor the complex global market through tourism market research to seize upon strategic and tactical opportunities. Our team uses in-depth qualitative research methods focused on traveler experiences to compile industry specific travel and tourism market research.

Through the tourism marketing research process, we can provide your business with a depth of insight into how location marketing, activity marketing or corporate marketing can be used to masterfully position your enterprise as a tourist’s delight. One of the key advantages of research in tourism is that by following our market research analysis and armed with the why, we’ll tell you exactly how to communicate with your target audience to boost customer attraction by positioning your enterprise and its surroundings as a bucket list destination.

Take a look at the types of tourism marketing research techniques we employ to provide your business with a solid foundation to build your tourism business upon.

Recommended methods:
Market Research Online Communities (MROC)
Travel influencer studies
Travel diaries

Kids standing


The scarcely resourced industry of Non-profits and NGOs survive on the understanding of the perceptions, motivators and attitudes of their audience and donors. Market research for non-profits is imperative in understanding these perspectives and to glean collective perspectives on a particular issue to develop powerful campaigns to raise awareness and engage with the community, online or in person. Using our state of the art techniques in market research for non-profits we’ll provide your NGO with the wherewithal to retain existing supporters and secure new ones.

Our methodology in carrying out market research for non-profit organizations is airtight as we look into communities to gain greater insight into supporter mentality to find out exactly what captivates a supporter’s empathy.

Recommended methods:
Focus groups
Online communities
Donor research



An industry with an exponential growth spurt where everyone is looking to invest! The projections are in and the US pet market outlook expects the market to hit a valuation of US $ 109.6 billion in 2022. Get your insights into the pet industry market and claim a piece of the pie, where various sectors make it a dominating marketplace in the world.

Backed by in-depth pet industry market research, our team at Ready to Launch Research will provide you with these insights to understand the latest pet industry trends with everything from CBD for dogs, pet wipes to toothpaste for cats. Our team will provide insights into customer expectations and preferences, animal welfare and ethics so that you can evaluate exactly what is lacking in the pet industry and develop an ideal strategy to fill in the gaps in this booming market!

Recommended methods:
Concept testing
Online home use tests
Online communities with pet owners
Pet store walk-alongs with pets

Man with virtual reality headset


Two of the fastest growing industries, the consumer electronics industry and gaming industry run on consumers’ desire for more innovative and technologically advanced outcomes. Through our consumer electronics market research and gaming industry research we’ll provide your business with the constant feedback you need in this ever-evolving technology based market to keep you ahead in the game.

Recommended methods:
Copy and design testing for packaging
Game trailer evaluation
Dial tracing

Mac and iphone


The above industries are a few of the areas with a growing demand. We have accumulated multifaceted experiences in other industries such as political and polling; consumer packaged goods; clothing, apparel and jewelry; telecom and internet; start-ups; auto/auto parts; recreation; e-commerce; educational institutions; nightlife, movies, TV and entertainment and Mommy and baby.

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