How do you get ahead of the game and conquer the competition within the pet industry? What are the pet industry trends that navigate pet owners from product interest to product purchase? What experiences shared with pets spark joy and motivate pet owner behavior?

Leverage pet industry market research to tap into pet owner insights gleaned from first-hand qualitative and quantitative data to understand consumer trends and develop marketing communications that powerfully resonates with pet owners.

The pet care industry has seen an exponential growth spurt. Consumer demand is soaring with top industry players dominating the market. According to the American Pet Products Association’s 2023-2024 National Pet Owners Survey, 66% of American households own at least one pet, while pet food is reported to be the highest-selling pet market product category with US$ 58.1 billion spent in 2022.

Invest in pet care market research to conduct competitor analyses from the perspective of pet owners and unearth deep data and actionable insights into the pet care, pet grooming, pet food, pet toys, veterinary and other pet markets.

Recommended market research methods:
Creative Testing
Home Use Test (HUT)
Market Research Online Communities (MROC)
Shop Along Market Research


Our market research methodology involves: 


Defining research objectives


Research prompts designed to extract relevant and actionable insights


Streamlined qualitative or quantitative data collection


Comprehensive data analysis


Data-driven insights included in an easy-to-digest report


Track and monitor pet industry trends with our market research methodologies geared to unearth consumer insights and gauge pet owner purchase behavior!

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