Market research is a crucial driving force in strategic executive decision-making. While most clients have an idea of who their target audience is, upon further investigation through a host of our research solutions such as In-depth Interviews (IDI), Ethnography and Focus Groups, they are often surprised!

Whether your business belongs to the pet industry or the alcohol industry market research offers a less complex path to make your business succeed with every strategic step through evidence-based analytical actionable insights.

A combination of traditional quantitative and qualitative market research methods with high-tech digital research strategies such as Online Focus Group research, Bulletin Boards or Online Communities (MROC) will provide you with research solutions that mitigate risk in critical business decisions while identifying potential opportunities.

What are the advantages of Ethnography and other market research modalities?

Having collated actionable insights of the marketplace certainly has its advantages whether you have it done professionally or in-house! Take a look at some of the advantages below:


Time and cost effective: Although regarded by most as a costly and time-consuming exercise, the innumerable results reaped through the compilation of market research have shown the positive outcome of making informed, well-educated decisions on the bottom line.


Identify threats and opportunities: Market research unearths both opportunities and threats that may have gone unnoticed. Have the “first-move” advantage over your competition by being ready to combat an upcoming threat or take over a completely new opportunity.


Be the trendsetter: When market research is carried out periodically, you can keep tabs on your target market through research methodologies like Creative Testing Solutions or Online Communities research which will enable you to analyze and predict trends.


Risk management: Maximize your investment by making informed business decisions. Identifying potential roadblocks through market research mitigates the risk involved in your business strategy.


Relevant and up-to-date: Having concurrent information gives a fresh take on upcoming trends as well as changing consumer behavior and desires all of which could be capitalized upon with innovative decision-making.

Reap the benefits of the smart choice of collated actionable insights that are flexible, contemporary and relevant.

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