If you’ve worked with big box agencies for your business, this probably sounds familiar…

You inquire about a project and are put in touch with Joshua, the front face of the agency. Joshua is the man. He has great ideas and immediately gets you excited about your project and how successful it ultimately will be.

The only problem? When the project starts, Joshua is on to selling the next potential client.

Now you’re working with Aaron, the junior account manager who’s directing creatives you’ll never meet and floundering to implement what Joshua proposed.

What was once cause for optimism has turned into a dumpster fire of a project, but it’s too late to back out now. The contract is signed and so you salvage what you can.

Now, that’s a pretty bleak picture, and maybe you won’t get stuck with an Aaron. Maybe. But why not opt for a boutique agency and remove any doubt?

Check out these three distinct advantages boutique agencies offer over the largest agencies when it comes to conducting market research for your business.



A smaller agency will get to know you in a way that large market research agencies simply can’t. You are afforded the opportunity to work with the players that made the agency successful to begin with.

You’re often working directly with founders. And when you do work with employees, they are hand-picked and highly invested.

The problem with a huge firm with countless employees is that you never know who you’re going to get. Again, you might get stuck with an Aaron.

Take, for example, a branding project tasked to a market research firm.

When you’re working with a smaller team that you’ve had intimate contact with, they know the culture of your brand. They ensure your vision, mission, purpose and values are represented.

You have someone with the ability to go beyond slick graphics and generic tag lines to get to the essence of your brand.



When you work with a boutique market research agency, you know all the important players. You can have a back and forth with key team members to ensure your project moves forward exactly as you expect.

It makes everything easier for everyone when open and easy communication flows throughout the project.

Plus, you should never feel in the dark about any area of your research project. Access to the team ensures you’re comfortable with every aspect of the work.



In the old days, one of the few advantages of a big box research agency was access to resources, but globalization and cheaper technology are quickly closing the gap for boutique firms.

By leveraging partnerships and communication technology, boutique agencies have access to the same kinds of resources as the bigger firms. But, unlike the big guys, a smaller firm will still give you the intimate level of service you’re looking for every step of the way.

So, if you’re ready to talk about what a boutique agency can do for you, click here to contact Ready to Launch Research today and let’s chat.

Ready to Launch Research is a boutique California market research agency specializing in hybrid methodologies that blend qualitative insights and quantitative findings.

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